Living with Stupid (LWS) is an experimental musical comedy web-series that follows the life of Erik, Kevin, and Leyna as these three misfits meet each other and are placed under the same roof throughout their college years, as they try to obtain their dreams. These three end up in the "Additional Planning" year-long program (a remedial course for college students) due to sympathy from the college board, and as an experiment to prove that the college can take the dumbest students in college history, and morph them into being successes. There they meet four other individuals, each with their own unique personality and issues, which intertwine into a weird, but comedic fiasco. Sometimes with music!

Cast The Typical Idiot The Mysterious Idiot
The Oblivious Idiot



The One who Can Care Less
The Silent One
The One Behind The Camera
Living with Stupid Coming Spring 2019

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